Taking a bath is an activity that's easy to take for granted until you get older and have difficulty getting in and out of the tub. When you're older or have mobility problems, the bathroom is a dangerous place because of the slick surfaces and hard porcelain furnishings. There may come a point where you can no longer risk climbing in the bathtub. That's a shame because soaking in a hot bath has a lot of therapeutic value. The solution is to buy a walk in tub from a retailer like Carefree Walk In Tubs. Here's how one of these tubs can benefit you.

Easy To Get In

These senior bathtubs have doors on the side so you can enter without having to climb over the side of the tub. Even if your mobility is very limited, you can probably get inside one of these tubs as long as you are able to walk a few steps. This totally eliminates the danger of you losing your balance as you try to step over a regular tub.

Easy To Get Out

Even if you can still climb into a tub okay, you may have a lot of trouble getting out. Getting up from a seated position on the floor of a bathtub is very difficult for many seniors. You may even resort to sitting on a bath chair so it is easy for you to get out of the tub.

A senior bathtub has a seat built in the end. This is much better than using a chair in a regular tub, because when you sit in the walk in tub, you will be submerged in water. When it's time to exit the tub, all you have to do is rise from the seat, which is much easier than trying to pull your whole body off the floor of the tub.

Drains Fast

Since senior bathtubs have to fill up and empty while the door is still closed, they are designed to operate rapidly. Water is quickly pulled from the tub, so you don't get chilly waiting for the tub to empty so you can get out. Compare that to having to wait quite a while for a traditional tub to drain enough for you to safely try and exit.

Provides Hydrotherapy

One of the best things about a walk in tub is the hydrotherapy feature. You can choose from a range of configurations of water and air jets, so you can get a full body heated massage while you relax in the tub. This can help ease sore joints and muscles. These tubs are also great for soaking since they are deeper than traditional tubs. You can let the warm water support your legs, so pressure is relieved from your joints. This might even help medical conditions such as arthritis.

Senior bathtubs are usually installed in your old tub or shower space. They don't take up much room or detract from your décor. You could opt for a portable walk in tub instead. These work just the same as the kind that are built in. The only difference is they are on wheels, so you can take a bath any place there is a faucet connection. A portable tub is a good option if you don't want the expense of remodeling your bathroom and would rather stow the tub away between uses.