Repairing old concrete by removing and replacing it can be a dangerous task because it requires the use of a jackhammer. You should hire a professional to do it for you to protect your blood vessels from getting damaged. Below, you will learn about the damage to blood vessels a jackhammer can cause when repairing concrete:

What Kind of Damage Can a Jackhammer Cause to Blood Vessels?

A jackhammer can cause damage to your blood vessels because of the powerful vibrations used for it to operate. The vibrations from the jackhammer also travel through your body during the duration of use. The bad thing about vibrations in your body is that they can cause blood vessels to spasm, which can lead to Raynaud's phenomenon.

Raynaud's phenomenon happens after the spasms cause the blood vessels to constrict. The condition restricts blood circulation and causes skin to become discolored. You can also become numb or experience pain, which can last for a few hours before going away. It is in your best interest to avoid handling a jackhammer to prevent Raynaud's phenomenon so you won't have to deal with the symptoms.

How Can Concrete be Repaired with Using a Jackhammer?

If your project involves removing old concrete or concrete repair, a jackhammer must be used to get the job done efficiently. However, you can hire an excavation specialist to cut the concrete up for you. He or she can still get Raynaud's phenomenon, but will know how to deal with the symptoms because of experience. An excavation specialist will also wear protective gear like goggles and steel toe boots to avoid injuries from flying concrete.

Another good reason to hire a specialist to make repairs to the concrete is because the jackhammer must be help in a certain way to maintain control. If the jackhammer is not held at a slant, it can move all over the place and risk puncturing the electrical cord. Damaging the electrical cord can be fatal because you can get electrocuted.

You can count on a specialist to get rid of the old concrete after cutting it up on your behalf, depending on who is hired for the job. There is no reason to take on the task of using a jackhammer when you don't have the skills. Allow an excavation specialist to remove the old concrete for you so you can avoid getting Raynaud's phenomenon and other possible damages to your body!