Many homes and businesses are broken into from a ground floor window, because this is sometimes an easy entry point for thieves. Sliding glass doors are also another entry point thieves will enter through. To keep this from happening to you, there are things you can do to keep safe.

Sash Frame Windows

Sash window frames have double-hung windows. These are easy to protect with pin locks. These locks are drilled through the top and bottom sash. They are then aligned with the bottom sash so they are both secure. You can also place a steel deadbolt at the bottom and top of the sash.

Sliding Glass Doors

With sliding glass doors, you can insert a pin in the slide track. If you do this, a thief would not be able to open the door from outside. You can also use metal devices, typically called Charley bars. These bars work well, because you fold them down at night after you go to bed, which blocks the door from being opened.

Some thieves will try to lift the sliding glass door up off the track. You can purchase safety devices to keep this from happening. These safety devices are pins that are attached through the sliding portion of the door.

Window Panes and Glass

To further secure your windows, make sure your frames are strong. You can choose polycarbonate, tempered glass, or vinyl.  For example, tempered glass is much stronger than traditional glass. This may not stop the thief completely, but it will slow them down.

Highly Visible Warning Decals And More

You can use these warning decals even if you do not currently have an alarm system installed. The thief does not know this information and will likely be deterred from breaking in through the window. If you do not want to use decals, consider using a device that plays the sound of a vicious barking dog. These are activated by any movement outside the window.

Consider Installing an Alarm

Consider installing an alarm that will go off if someone breaks through or opens a window. You can install an inexpensive alarm. If you want even more protection, consider installing an alarm that protects your entire home or business. Hearing a loud alarm go off will usually make the thief run away.

Hire a locksmith, such as Vista Lock & Safe Co, to come to your home or business and do an inspection. They are very helpful in finding entry points that are not secure. They can provide you with the service of installing locks where you need them. Many of them will also install alarm systems for you.