Some buildings simply have poor plumbing. Whether from normal wear and tear throughout the years or improper installation, you may need to change the way your plumbing works to stay comfortable and productive. Focusing on the kitchen, consider a few ways to troubleshoot and enhance your plumbing to keep the sink clean, clear and efficiently flowing.

Pipe Gauge And Direction Changes

Older pipe installations may use thin iron pipes that aren't designed with modern consumption in mind. They may be able to pass a few pieces of food or murky water, but accidental chunks of beef or bones may ruin your day.

Thankfully, materials such as PVC piping are available for a relatively affordable, fast change. PVC is also easily molded to custom dimensions, which allows fabricators and professional plumbers to find the right piece for your sink, supply line or anywhere else in the home.

PVC pipes can be thicker for a cheaper amount, but they can also be molded into different angles. Gravity plays a large part in how water flows, and getting the right angle or twist to the pipes can create a natural vortex effect. Water can be poured away more easily, with internal pipe traits allowing water to be sucked further into the system. The added pressure can also make heavier food waste flush a little easier--though not with the same force as a toilet.

Consider A Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are convenient for getting rid of heavy food waste by grinding and mashing food into a pulp, but there are other benefits.

When a garbage disposal grinds food, it also creates a vortex of water. This twirling process can scrape away debris in the pipes, especially if the water is warm or hot. With enough force, you can even break away tough clogs that would be otherwise stuck in a system without a garbage disposal.

Garbage disposals are relatively simple to clean. You can use items such as lemons, rice or even warm, soapy water to clean out the impeller (often incorrectly called the blades). If the garbage disposal itself is clogged, it can be removed from the system and cleaned out or repaired without having to work on the plumbing system at large.

There are different garbage disposal intensities. If you've never used a garbage disposal, it may be best to begin with a basic unit under $100. Keep up with your normal cooking and cleaning habits and only put the suggested foods into the system. You won't have to take out the trash as much, and your pipes will get a regular cleaning. Contact a full service plumbing professional such as T.C.R. Rooter & Plumbing Repair to find out more ways to enhance your plumbing.