It's never too early to start stocking up on essential supplies you'll need for your pool, or to start scheduling basic maintenance. While many pool contractors will refill any chemicals you need for your pool to remain safe for use you can also purchase your own supplies in bulk to save money. Stocking up ahead of the spring and summer busy season will help you save money, and spend more time in the pool rather than maintaining it.

Scheduling Your Pool Maintenance

Getting a pool contractor to your home during the first days of spring can be a challenge in the best circumstances. Most become inundated with requests and service appointments beginning in late March and stay busy right through September. Getting your appointment set early can help you avoid the rush, and ensure that when the time comes to open your pool for the season you won't have to wait for a contractor.

For those that need a little more help, most pool contractors offer a variety of service levels, including weekly and monthly service appointments. Setting up a contract of this nature at the end of winter can make it easier for them to schedule your service. You can also include more exhaustive maintenance and cleaning services, such as topping up your pool chemicals and replacing filters as needed.

Saving Money on Supplies

Having some basic supplies on hand can make pool maintenance easier, and make any professional service appointments cheaper. Buy in bulk to save on shock tablets, chlorine, pool filters and other necessary supplies. Most stores that carry home and garden supplies will have these in stock, but you'll want to check around for the best off-season prices (for more information on these services, contact KrisCo Aquatech Pools & Spas).

Professional pool maintenance companies will often charge separately for any chemicals or supplies they need to provide. Having your own on hand will not only remove this added fee, but if something comes up between appointments you'll have what you need on hand already so you can address it yourself. In addition, keep pool cleaning tools at the ready and in good condition in the event that you need to do some spot cleaning on your own.

Owning a pool offers you a number of great opportunities when the weather warms up, but that doesn't mean you're off the hook for the other half of the year. Plan ahead, stock up early, and you'll be ready once spring has finally sprung.