For small business owners, the competition is fierce when it comes to winning the hearts and attention of customers. Big-box chain companies are growing every single day and making it harder for smaller business owners, so you have to claw, scratch and scrap for every bit of attention that you get. If you want to increase the attention and traffic that you receive to your business, you will have to work for it. Thankfully, there are some very practical and conscientious steps that every business owner can take in order to make their business more attractive to the public. Follow this guide to learn what you can do. 

#1: Use The Power Of The Press

While big corporations have public relations firms and big advertising budgets to spread the word, you have the advantage of a personal touch. You know your area better than any corporation ever can, so use this institutional knowledge by reaching out to the public through the press. Whether this means writing editorial pieces in the local paper or magazine, or promoting deals through your blog or site, writing articles with a local flavor will reach customers in a way that is personal and useful. 

#2: Use Neon Signs

If you're going to use signs for your business, you owe it to yourself to maximize their visibility. When it comes to visibility, there is no better advantage than using a neon sign. You can use a neon sign to both draw people in and to promote specials that you might have going on with your business. These signs draw people both day and night and create a memorable impression with your customer base. Make sure that you hire a neon sign professional like Tolman Insulation Co that can give you the sign size, color, shape, and position that will attract people in the most efficient manner. Shop between a handful of sign companies so that you're able to capitalize on their expertise and get the best price for your budget. 

#3: Make Your Parking Lot Attractive

Using banners, signs, flags and other eye-catching materials in your parking lot draws people in and creates an excellent first impression. This will be the first thing that many people notice about your business and will invite them in to participate and see what you have to offer. You should also routinely clean your parking lot of debris, provide a seal coat and work to fill potholes immediately. 

Take advantage of these tips to get the absolute most out of your business in terms of attracting customers.