When the backside of your home faces the woods or a lake, it can be difficult to find a fencing design that does not take away your view. Luckily, with some planning and work, you can create a fencing design that gives you privacy and you do not lose the view you want to keep.

Solid Side and Front Panels

The first part of creating your new fence is to choose solid panels for the side and front panels. These panels block the view of your neighbors from looking into your yard. Using the same panels on the front portion of your fence helps keep a cohesive look from the street.

When choosing the panels, you want to consider the material options that match the style of your home's exterior. For example, if your home is a small cottage style house on the water, then white vinyl panels are a good choice. The simple and clean look of the vinyl complements the smaller structure and it does not overshadow the intricate curves that many cottage style houses have.

For a larger home with a view of the woods, you can choose a wooden fence. The wood blends into the look of your property and does not standout as a bright white fence would. To add some decorations to the fence, you can install post caps or lattice work on the top portion.  

Backside Picket Fencing

After you pick the side and front panels, you will need to focus on the back portion of your fence. The idea is to avoid blocking the view with the new fence. One design option you have is to choose some type of picket fencing.

When it comes to picket fencing, you have several material options. Wood, vinyl and wrought iron are the most common ones. All of these materials come in different heights and you can determine the width you prefer between each post. The larger the distance between the posts, the less likely the fence will block your view.

With this portion of the design, you have the opportunity to choose a secondary material for the backside of your new fence. For example, you can choose a simple wrought iron picket fence in the back that connects to white vinyl panels that go along the side of your property.

You have the ability to customize your fence in any manner you want. To figure out the best design option, it is best to consult a fencing company (such as Everlasting Fence). The company will be able to help you choose the right solid panels and help you design an open look in the back portion, so you get the fence you want without losing your view.