Seeing homeless kittens outside without a place to cold during the cold winter months can be heart-wrenching. If there are cats in your neighborhood that need a warm place to sleep, but you simply do not have a place for them in your business, consider creating a warm environment for them. The following guide walks you through a great way to make a quick and easy home for homeless kittens in your neighborhood.

Gather the Materials

The first thing you will need to do is get two large storage containers and some insulation from a hardware store. One container needs to be large enough for the smaller container to fit into. Both containers need to have lids. You will also need a thin blanket, waterproof tape, and about a yard of insulation to complete the project.

Create an Opening

Next, you need to create an opening in the side of both of the containers for the cats to enter into their new kitty condo. Measure one of the shorter sides of the containers and make a mark at the exact same point on both containers. You need to take into account that the smaller container will be situated inside of the larger container. Use a jigsaw to carefully cut away the small opening in both containers.

Create the Base

Remove the lids from the containers, and place the small container inside of the larger container. Pull the edge of the small container flush against the side of the larger container so that the openings you created line up evenly. Use the tape to adhere the small container to the larger container so that a cat cannot accidentally get into the area between the two containers when they are entering the condo.

Insulate the Condo

Place insulation in the open areas of the condo between the outer walls of the large bin and the walls of the inner bin. You want to be sure that the cats cannot get to any of the insulation because it will not be healthy for them to eat it.

Finish the Condo

Place the blanket inside of the small bin for a cat to lay on when he or she is inside of the condo. Place the lid on the smaller container, and then place the lid on the larger container. This will make the home waterproof for your feline friend.

Once you have created the condo, place it in an area where you know cats like to visit. This will allow a cat to find the condo and keep themselves warm during the cold winter season. If you have a larger building that you want to repair and make suitable for keeping cats warm in the winter, getting in touch with a contracting company like A & B Malibu Plumbing may be your best choice.