Perhaps you have decided that enclosing your porch would make it more usable. That's actually a great idea, as you'll be able to use it during the cold months instead of only during warm weather days. Here are some ideas to consider that will make your enclosed room look lovely and unique.

The Option Of Combining Two Rooms - If your porch is right next to one of your existing rooms, consider knocking out the adjoining wall and creating one large space. Another idea is to just crate a door way between the two areas and to connect them with French doors. Having the doors as part of your enclosure means that you'll have an extra large space for entertaining. Wouldn't it be fun to have part of the group cooking in the kitchen while others are visiting in your enclosed porch? Or, if the porch is next to one of your living areas, think about how enjoyable it will be to have board games set up in one area with refreshments set up in the other area. French doors are not only gorgeous, but they are easily opened up to provide the open look you are seeking. Consider gorgeous wood with glass as part of the design. 

Bring In The Feeling Of Outdoors - As you decorate, consider keeping the outdoor feeling of your porch. White wicker furniture with bright floral seat cushions would be darling. Decorate with botanical prints, hanging plants and colorful plants in distinctive pots of different sizes and shapes. Green and yellow would be great colors for your pots. The addition of indoor water fountains and hanging decorative bird houses would also be a charming touch, especially if you add colorful bird figurines in strategic places.

Add Windows - The right windows will be a great finishing touch to your porch enclosure.

  • Consider picture windows that will allow you and your guests to experience the outdoors. Choose double-paned windows that are are insulated so well that your utility bills will be low.
  • Insulated windows also keep out noise from children playing outside or the sound of airplanes flying overhead.
  • If you have chosen white wicker furniture, consider big white frames around the windows, just for an added touch.
  • If you want to add something unique and beautiful, consider adding one or two smaller Tiffany windows next to the French doors, or as part of the French doors.

Have fun planning your porch enclosure. For further assistance, contact professionals, such as those from The Door and Window Store.