If you think that French patio doors can only be used to adorn the entryway to your backyard, think again.  There are a number of different ways that you can use these doors to spruce up the interior of your home as well, lending a unique and customized feel to your abode that makes it stand out from the pack.  Use this information to learn more about how French patio doors can transform your inner décor.

Replace Interior Doors With French Patio Doors

Removing the doors inside of your home and replacing them with French patio doors is a great way to open up the space and make it appear more inviting.  Solid, wooden doors can make a home seemed closed off and unappealing.  French patio doors have glass panels that you can see through, making it very easy to peer into a room and have an unobstructed view of what's going on in there.

If you're concerned about privacy, simply don't replace the doors that lead to bedrooms.  You can elect to install the French doors in the common areas, such as the living room, dining room or kitchen.  This way you're able to maintain your privacy in certain parts of your house, while still being able to enjoy the beauty of the doors in other areas.

French Patio Doors Make Beautiful Frames

Another way to inject the "wow" factor into your home is to use French patio doors as picture frames.  Using a full-size door as a picture frame is very daring, and will surely become a major conversation starter whenever anyone enters your home.

French patio doors make excellent frames because they already contain all of the elements:  A solid outer frame, and the glass to overlay the portrait.  You can choose to use a whole picture behind the glass, or make your door into a sort of photo album by putting a different picture behind each pane of glass. 

Use French Patio Doors In Your Shower

You can instantly upgrade the look of your bathroom by using French patio doors in place of traditional shower doors.  Qualified patio door dealers can fit a patio door onto your shower so that it fills the space and performs in the same way that your previous shower doors did. 

There are so many uses for French patio doors within your home.  Use these ideas, and some of your own, to adorn your house with these doors today.