If your company's building caught on fire, do know for sure you could depend on your sprinkler system to work properly? Fire sprinkler systems are installed to help reduce fire damage and to lower loss of life. However, many sprinkler systems fail, leaving a structure totally vulnerable to complete destruction in the event of a fire. Find out how you can avoid your building's fire sprinkler system failing during the time you need it to work the most.

Water Shut-Off Is A Common Cause of Sprinkler System Failure

If you have a sprinkler system and it was installed by the previous owner of your building, making sure the water supply for it is on is important. Valve shut-off is a common cause of sprinkler system failure. Taking the time to inspect your system for closed valves could be the reason you and your employees make it out of a fire if one broke out. If you are unsure how to locate water shut-off valves for your sprinkler system, contacting your local fire department for help locating them is a good idea.

Structural Changes Can Impact Sprinkler System Performance

During installation, a fire sprinkler system is placed strategically. Factors like room size and ceiling height are taken into consideration so a sprinkler head or two can reach the entire area of a room. However, if your business is in an older building, changes may have been made to the structure that could compromise the area a sprinkler head is able to reach. Ensuring your current sprinklers system will perform properly in the event of a fire is easily done by consulting your fire department and arranging a complete system inspection.

Maintaining A Sprinkler System Is Essential

Keeping a regular schedule for fire sprinkler system maintenance is vital for it to work properly. Systems that are not maintained correctly could have issues that would cause them to fail, and you would never know about it until a post-fire inspection takes place. Regular maintenance checks pinpoint problems that can be repaired before a fire occurs.

Fire Sprinkler Systems Can Help You Save Money

When it comes to keeping your overhead costs down, taking into account every financial detail is necessary. If you have a fire sprinkler system that is up-to-date and regularly maintained, you can receive discounts on your property insurance. Saving money is always a good idea for increasing your overall profits. Take the time to learn more about the sprinkler system in your company's building is certainly worth it.