Are you trying to figure out why your garage door light is blinking so much? Getting a garage door light to stop blinking can be difficult if you don't know what the root of the problem is, which is why you need help from a technician so an inspection can be done. Here are the reasons a garage door light begins to blink and what a technician charges to fix the problem.

What Causes a Garage Door Light to Start Blinking a Lot?

A common cause of a blinking garage door light is when there is something going on with the sensors. The sensors are designed to make the garage door light blink if they are in need of some attention, such as needing to be reset. Basically, there are two sensors on both sides of the garage door that are located near the bottom of it. The sensors point an infrared beam towards each other that creates an invisible line. If something breaks the invisible line, the door will stall and light blinks until the sensors are reset. A technician can fix the problem by resetting the sensors for you, or you can just unplug the garage door for a minute or so and plug it back up to reset the sensors yourself.

It is also possible that the garage door light won't stop blinking because the motor is in need of a repair. You might be experiencing no movement from the garage door if the motor is the problem. A technician can inspect the motor to find out if it should be replaced due to it being worn about and rusty. Sometimes bad wiring causes the motor to malfunction, which should be repaired fast in case the wires are overheating and causing a fire hazard. If the garage door has been used a lot, the motor might be naturally hot and need to cool off before the light will stop blinking on its own.

How Much Does a Garage Door Technician Charge for a Repair?

A garage door repair will be priced based on the complexity of the problem that is causing the light to blink. A repair that doesn't require a lot of labor can cost as little as $75 when done by a technician. If there is something major wrong like the motor needing to be replaced, a technician might charge as much as $500 plus. Get in touch with a technician like Plano Overhead Garage Door about your blinking garage door light so he or she can fix it!