If you are building a retaining wall that is going to be very tall, you need to ensure you do everything correctly. This is especially true if you are building one for the very first time. Follow the tips below so everything goes smooth for you during the building process.

Hire a Civil Engineer

The very first thing you should do is to hire a civil engineer. This is become local agencies may have specific requirements, such as the height of the wall. The height is measured from the top of the retaining wall to the grade on the lower end. There may be regulations on the required setback, as well as in the visibility. For example, if the retaining wall is in a visible area, you may have a maximum height you can build it. and where you place it.

A civil engineer can offer their knowledge to make sure you follow the right standards and do not violate any regulations or codes. The codes and regulations you have to follow may also depends on the material you are using for your wall. For example, if the retaining wall is built with concrete, there may be a minimum compression strength. The regulations you have to follow depends on the state that you live in.

A civil engineer will save you a lot of time because it keeps you from having to look up all these codes and regulations on your own.

Choosing the Right Materials

There are many materials you can choose from for your tall retaining wall such as:

Cinder block, Stone, or Brick

For a cinder block, stone, or brick retaining wall, mortar holds everything together. Because it will be segmented, you need to make sure the wall has a good retention. If not, it could slide, slump, or cave. A brick wall is formal looking, a stone wall is much more difficult to assemble, and a cinder block wall is likely the least expensive of the three.

Interlocking Concrete Blocks

An interlocking concrete block retaining wall does not use any mortar, and is easy to construct. The blocks are generally small, which makes them much easier to handle. They allow you to taper or curve the wall, and works very well for very tall walls.


A concrete retaining wall is very strong, but it is not very pleasing to the eye. To improve the look of it, you can veneer it with masonry or tiles, or apply stucco. You could even make the concrete look like wood. Add some vertical plants at the top of the wall to improve the look even more.

A retaining wall can not only improve the look of your landscaping, but can also prevent debris and soil from spilling down your yard and onto your landscaping, such as during a heavy rain. For more information, contact companies like Tbird Design Services Corporation.