Have you got a lazy summer day on your hands and a houseful of bored kids? If so, all it could take for you to get everyone up and moving is an enticing place to cool off. Even though most people only consider concrete to be a contractor's product for something like a patio or walkway, ready-mix concrete can actually be used for to create a concrete splash pad for kids as well. If this is a new idea to you, it is a good idea to get to know what this is all about and why you may want a concrete splash pad in your own backyard.

So, just what is a concrete splash pad anyway?

A concrete splash pad is much like it sounds; a designated area filled in with concrete where kids can splash and play in the water. Concrete splash pads can have all kinds of fun integrations, such as various sprinkler heads, small wading pools, and even an area that is used as a sandbox. The concrete used for splash pads is smoother textured, so it is not rough on little hands and feet, and usually has a drain incorporated to keep water from pooling in the center.

Does your property have to be flat for you to have a concrete splash pad?

No, your property can be hilled or sloped and a contractor can still work with what you have available to create a leveled spot. Keep in mind that excessively hilly areas may have to be excavated slightly to create a level space for the splash pad to be installed. 

How is water supplied to a splash pad?

Water can be supplied to the concrete splash pad in a couple of different ways. Some have receiving hose nozzles where you can just screw in your regular garden hose to supply water to whatever sprinkler systems are integrated. Others have water lines installed, which are tapped into the water main of the house, and there is a control valve somewhere around or on the splash pad itself.

What do concrete splash pads look like?

The concrete splash pad that you have installed on your property can be shaped in an array of different ways, from perfectly square to round and everything in between. Most homeowners opt for an abstract shape or a shape that allows separate spots for each function of the play area. For example, the splash pad may be round with a squared section on one end for a small wading pool.

For more information or ideas on how to use concrete to make your backyard enjoyable, consider contacting companies like Van Doren Red-E-Mix.