Even though rock fall is not an ordinary concern for homeowners, if you live in a mountainous area, rock fall will probably be one of your primary concerns. Mountainous areas where homes are built in the shadow of valleys and tall geological land masses are prone to being in the direct path of falling rock because of the natural shift and movement of the surrounding ground. In many cases, rock fall can be prevented with simple soil stabilization methods. However, if rock fall is not possible to contain through soil stabilization, a contractor may recommend the installation of a rock fall prevention wall.

How does a rock fall prevention wall work?

If you opt to have a rock fall prevention wall placed on your property, the wall will be situated along either the lower point of the mountain or cliff front or at the midsection. The wall prevents slipping rocks and gravel from falling in that specific area, but also acts as a cushion in the event large-sized rocks or cliff pieces do come down. 

What is the rock fall prevention wall made from?

Rock fall prevention walls can be fabricated with an array of different materials. In some cases, the wall is crafted with steel beams that house log sections. The steel acts as the primary frame of the wall, while the logs between the frame act as a cushion to absorb the direct impact of a blow if a large piece of rock does come down. The materials used in rock fall wall construction will depend on the area in which the wall will be placed. While simple steel barriers typically work well in areas where gravel rock fall is a concern, a combination of materials is often used in highly mountainous areas where large rock fall is a threat.

Doesn't the rock fall prevention wall interfere with the natural appearance of the landscape?

If you live in the valley of a beautiful mountainous area, chances are, the view that you have from your home is part of the reason you enjoy it. Therefore, it is only understandable that you would not want a massive wall interfering with the natural look of the property. However, rock fall prevention walls can be designed in ways that they almost completely blend in with the natural environment. For example, you can choose a specific color scheme if you want the wall to blend in with the background.

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