When you save up a little money for home renovations, it can be fun to think about what changes you can make to give you home a fancier feel. If you're eager to transform the look of your bathroom with the help of a licensed plumber, there are a number of options for you to consider. Many homeowners think about changes to their sink, tub or shower, but it's also worth contemplating changing your toilet. Instead of simply swapping your current toilet for a newer model, think about having a wall-mounted toilet instead. Your plumber will be able to make this change for you, and you'll enjoy the following wide range of benefits.

Increased Ability To Clean The Room

When your toilet is attached to the wall instead of mounted to the floor, it instantly makes the bathroom easier for you to clean. You'll be able to pass the vacuum or mop below the toilet without any trouble, serving as a sharp contrast to the challenges you may face while trying to vacuum around a floor-mounted toilet. Additionally, you won't have to deal with any unpleasant odors from beneath the toilet. With a floor model, urine can seep between the toilet and the floor, leaving a lingering scent that is difficult to clean. With a wall-mounted unit, you can quickly and easily wipe up any spills before they linger and smell bad.

The Feeling Of More Space

When your toilet is mounted to the wall instead of sitting on the floor, it instantly gives the bathroom a feeling of having more space. The open floor below the toilet, for example, gives the impression of increased floor space, even though you won't actually be using this space. This is ideal for small bathrooms that can appear cramped; you might be surprised at how easily the look of the room is transformed when the toilet is attached to the wall.

Ability To Customize The Height

If you're significantly taller or shorter than average, you might find it challenging to sit on an average floor-mounted toilet. For example, if you're short, your feet may not fully sit on the ground, which can be uncomfortable when you're doing your business. A benefit of having a wall-mounted toilet is that you can have your plumber set the toilet at precisely the right height for you, allowing for a high degree of comfort while you sit.

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