If you own your own home, and moisture tends to accumulate in the basement level of your house, you will most likely want to find a solution to eradicate this problem for good. Failing to eliminate moisture in a timely manner can lead to structure damage as well as harmful black mold. Here are some steps to take care of a moisture-prone floor in your home in an attempt to reduce the chances of damaging conditions as a result.

Install A Sump Pump Unit

For basements that regularly suffer from several inches of water accumulation, using a sump pump will effectively divert moisture before it has a chance to reach damaging levels. An installation service will check the basement and place the unit in the lowest location as this is where water is likely to pool. The machine will turn automatically when water levels get high enough to be pushed through tubing to the outdoors.

Add A Vapor Layer

If water is getting into the home via cracks in the foundation, a vapor layer will be an effective way in keeping it from getting in at all. Plastic sheeting is placed over the insulation in walls, providing a barrier that moisture cannot penetrate. New pieces of drywall will be placed directly over the sheeting, making the protective layer hidden from view. This method will also aid in keeping pests out of the home.

Make Repairs Outdoors

If the foundation is the source of moisture getting into the home, have a contractor inspect its condition to see if measures can be taken in eliminating leakage problems. Cracks can be filled in with caulk to keep water on the exterior of your building. If the problem is exacerbated by a gutter problem, it also can be repaired to reduce leaking risks. The gutter may need to be cleaned out or the downspout's exit hole may need to be positioned so water flows away from your foundation properly.

Try A Dehumidifier And Dissident

If moisture accumulation is caused by high humidity levels, you have a few options in remedying the situation. Purchase a dehumidifer to dry the air electrically. This can be run at times precipitation is present outdoors to help keep the area dry. Dissidents also work well at grabbing moisture from humid air. These can be bought at a home goods store and placed in corners of the room to help keep it drier. Running an air conditioning unit in the area to reduce the temperature contributing to the humidity condition is another option.

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