Installing a perimeter fence is a great way to make your yard look more finished and stylish. You can actually install a new fence quite easily, even if you have no actual building experience. There are a number of preassembled fence panels in a variety of styles. This means you don't need to build your fence piece by piece. In fact, all you really need to do is install the posts. This article is a basic guide to fence panels installation. You will learn what to shop for when buying preassembled wood fence panels.

Choosing the Right Size

First of all, you need to consider the size of your panels. You can find panels that are anywhere from 4 to 12 feet long. Of course, longer panels are easier to install, just because there are fewer pieces to deal with. However, it might be difficult for some people to transport such large panels to the installation site. Often, you will need to use a combination of different panel lengths. You should precisely measure out and mark where you are going to install your fence. With some basic math you can easily figure out the best panel configuration for your job.

Finished or Unfinished Wood

You also need to decide if you want finished or unfinished wood. Finish products are usually more convenient, but they cost more. There are definitely fewer options if you buy finished panels. If you walk into a home improvement store there will only be a few stains to choose from. Even if you order directly from the fence manufacturer there will be limited stains to choose from. If you are going to apply your own stain to an unfinished fence, you will have many more options.

Fitting Panels on Slopes

Finally, you need to consider the grade and condition of the soil. If you are installing your fence in an uneven soil surface, you will need to do a lot more work to flatten and prepare it. You can find angled panels for installation on slopes, but the selection is definitely more limited. So, you need to find the style that you like, and that has sloped panels. This can limit your options, especially if you are set on a certain finish.

There is a lot to consider when installing fence panels. Make sure you consider all these options before beginning the job.

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