Renting a number of portable toilets can make everyone more comfortable at an outdoor event. The presence of several portable toilets means that people won't have to deal with long wait times, which can occur when bathrooms at an outdoor venue are limited. If you're holding an upscale event, such as a wedding, standard portable toilets might not suit the look of your gathering, even if their function is exactly what you're looking for. In this case, seek a rental service that can supply you with luxury portable toilets. These devices still carry the same function, but aren't like anything you've experienced. Here are some of their common features.

Increased Space

One of the key features of luxury portable toilets is that they have more space. Whereas traditional portable toilets are typically small inside, luxury toilets are commonly towed on a trailer, which means that their interior space is often akin to that of a utility trailer. Some luxury portable toilets are so large inside that they have multiple toilet stalls, urinals, and sinks, giving them more of an appearance of a public bathroom facility than a portable toilet. In this case, multiple people at your event will be able to use one single portable toilet trailer at the same time, thus eliminating the problem of lines at the toilets.

Elegant Surroundings

Another thing that separates luxury portable toilets from conventional portable toilets is that the former offers elegant surroundings. For example, instead of a plastic floor, the luxury model might have a vinyl floor that looks like hardwood flooring. Likewise, instead of a plastic counter and sink, the luxury unit could have a faux-granite counter with a stainless steel sink. Luxury portable toilets will also often have visually pleasing lighting, which is ideal if you're looking for a rental. The elegant surroundings can easily make your guests forget that they're in a portable toilet.

Large Mirrors

Mirrors might seem like a small detail in a portable toilet, but they're a common feature in luxury models. Such models customarily have large mirrors. This is valuable because it helps the space to feel even larger, which can have a comfortable effect for your guests. Additionally, the abundance of mirror space allows guests to take care of any quick grooming they need before exiting. Larger mirrors mean that in portable toilets that have multiple stalls inside one trailer unit, people using the facilities at the same time won't be competing for space in front of the mirror.

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