If you have children, you may be interested in making your home more harmonious with the existence of children. Your children may spend a lot of time helping you or hanging out in the kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen more child-friendly, this may call for changing around some of the kitchen's features. Here are some reasons matte black, soft-close cabinets will work well with children. 

No fingerprints or marks

Matte is nearly always a better choice when it comes to working with children. Matte materials do not show fingerprints and other markings as much as a shiny material does. Look for black matte paint to cover any pencil or marker colorings your children. Instead of constantly trying to wipe down the cabinets so that your home looks presentable, you can elect to wipe down the cabinets once a week or so. Repainting or ruined black kitchen cabinets will be a rarity versus natural colored or white colored cabinets. 

Chips will be apparent

If your cabinets came in the same natural color as the wood, it is a good idea to change the color of the cabinets to matte black. You want to be able to see if the cabinets have developed chips anywhere and have exposed wood. If the cabinets do chip, you will be able to spot it immediately and have it repaired. This will stop your child from cutting themselves or getting splinters of wood inside of their fingers. If the chips are apparent, you will be able to get ahead of the game by getting them repaired so that no one gets hurt. If there are chips, sanding them down is a good option before repainting. 

You may be able to use it as a chalkboard

Sometimes it is better to give in the the urges of children rather than trying to stop them. If you use a specific matte black paint, your children can use chalk and write on the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets can easily be wiped off to remove the chalk if necessary. You may also find the use of chalk suitable so that you can write down the day's menu or instructions for the children. Your family can also use one of the cabinets as a running grocery list that you can copy down before your grocery store runs. Matte counters that support chalk writing can make things easier for the family. 

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