Does your home lie within a minor flood plane? Do you know what to do in the event that spring rains bring a flood to your home? Even if you think that it's unlikely that your house will be flooded this year, it's still a good idea to be prepared just in case. Knowing what to do once the flood is over will help you to be able to fix and recover as much of your home as possible. Some things to do include:

Store things in totes: While water damage repair can recover a lot of items, there are some things that can be completely lost before recovery and repair can even begin. This includes things like clothes, family photos, and favorite books. Either store these items in plastic totes or have totes ready in the event that you are told that a flood is imminent. Although your insurance might cover belongings lost to a flood, it could take months before you see that money. Prevention will help ensure that you lose as little as possible. Before evacuating your home, make sure to seal the tote's seams with a sturdy waterproof duct tape so that water can't leak in and the air inside won't be able to force the lid off. 

Once you return, don't go back inside: Even if the flood only made it to ankle deep in your neighborhood, don't reenter your home immediately. A house that's been damaged by flooding can have weak spots that might collapse unexpectedly. Wait for a water damage repair professional to arrive and evaluate your home. Due to the flooding, it's possible that emergency services are limited or non-existent in your area, so you wouldn't to do something like fall through the floor into your basement or crawlspace. Once the professional has looked over your home and given the okay, you can go back inside to see what there is to recover.

Take pictures of everything: Before your water damage repair begins in earnest, make sure to take pictures of everything that will need to be fixed. Then take pictures at least once a week, but preferably daily, as the work is done. If your insurance company tries to claim that certain work wasn't done or you are inadvertently overcharged for a section of the repair, you'll have a record of exactly what was done and when it was both started and when it was completed.

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