For many homeowners, the master bedroom acts as an oasis. If your master bedroom is feeling plain and unoriginal, there are some simple things that you can do to give the bedroom space a more personal fee.

Here are three unique remodel projects you can invest in to customize the look and feel of your master bedroom in the future.

1. Add a walk-in closet.

Many bedrooms can lose their appeal when they become too cluttered. Storage space is at a premium in most master bedrooms, so expanding the amount of usable storage in your bedroom living space can be beneficial. Adding a walk-in closet will not only increase your bedroom's storage capacity, it will give you the opportunity to create a customized space.

You can incorporate a unique shelving system that is designed specifically to meet your wardrobe storage needs. Adding a personalized walk-in closet can help you master bedroom feel more luxurious over time.

2. Add a seating area.

If you want your master bedroom to feel more like a suite, you can easily achieve this goal by adding a sitting room. Remodeling your bedroom by creating additional space with an add-on allows you to create a customized seating area where you can watch television, read, or just relax in your master bedroom.

If you don't have the space available to add on to your home, you can always create a cozy seating area by adding a bay window to your master bedroom. A window seat beneath the bay window will allow you to take advantage of natural light while enjoying your bedroom oasis.

3. Add a fireplace.

Few things are as romantic as a burning fire. Thanks to modern innovations in fireplace technology, you can easily remodel your master bedroom to include a functional fireplace.

Gas fireplaces require no outdoor ventilation, and they can easily be framed out and inserted into an existing wall. Installing a fireplace will transform your master bedroom by giving it a more high-end feel.

Making the choice to remodel your master bedroom provides you with the unique opportunity to customize your living space. Adding a walk-in closet for customized clothing storage, creating a seating area with a room addition or a bay window, and installing a gas fireplace are all simple options that you can take advantage of when trying to add a personal touch to your master bedroom in the future.