Managing residential real estate can be both rewarding and challenging. If you want to ensure that you are maximizing the amount of profit you receive from each of your real estate investments, you need to ensure that your properties can demand top dollar on the rental market. This often means investing in some home improvements that will make your properties more attractive to potential tenants.

Here are three types of home remodels that you should consider when trying to maximize your rental profits in the future:

1. Add a deck.

Many tenants are looking to maximize the amount of living space available in a single-family residence. In order to add value without investing in the addition of enclosed square footage, you should consider building a deck.

Decks provide access to usable outdoor living space that many tenants find attractive. A deck can be built in a relatively short amount of time, allowing you to ensure that your rental property doesn't sit empty for long periods of time.

2. Create a master suite.

Tenants looking to rent a single-family residence often place a lot of value on master suites. Having access to a large master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom allows tenants to maximize the use of living space within your rental properties.

Any of the homes that you invest in that don't have a master suite should be remodeled to make this feature available to prospective tenants. The addition of a master suite is a home remodel that will increase the rental value of your properties, allowing you to charge top dollar as you manage your properties in the future.

3. Update the kitchen and baths.

Kitchens and bathrooms are typically the rooms that see the most use in a home. As a result, these rooms can be major selling points when tenants are looking to rent a single-family residence.

A home with a dated kitchen or bath can turn quality tenants off, so investing in the remodel of these important rooms can be beneficial. Cosmetic changes like adding stainless steel appliances or swapping out the fixtures in the bathroom can have a dramatic impact on the attractiveness of your rental properties in the future.

Being able to successfully manage your rental properties requires that you keep quality tenants in your homes at all times. Investing in some home improvements can help you make your rentals more attractive to tenants, allowing you to maximize your profitability over time.

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