A dock can be essential for allowing you to easily enter and exit your boat. While having a dock on your property will provide substantial benefits, it can be possible for it to experience some substantial problems that will have to be addressed to keep it in working condition.

What Is Causing The Dock To Sink Lower?

You may find that your dock is gradually sinking into the soft soil. This can result in the dock lowering enough to make it difficult to enter and exit the boat. Furthermore, this type of issue can contribute to the dock becoming unstable. When you notice that your dock is starting to encounter this type of issue, you should have a professional inspect it so that the source of the issue can be identified. In many instances, it may be possible to correct the sinking dock by reinforcing its foundation.

Why Is Cleaning The Dock Such An Important Task?

Regularly cleaning your dock can be important for extending its lifespan. This may not seem like it will be an important form of maintenance, but cleaning the surface of the dock will remove a variety of substances that could gradually degrade it. This is particularly problematic for wooden docks as they will have a protective finish that can be rapidly worn away if it is not regularly cleaned. When cleaning your dock, you should use a soft bristle brush and a cleaning solution that is suitable for the materials used in your dock. After you clean the dock, you should be sure to thoroughly rinse it as you can easily leave behind a sticky residue that may contribute to the dock becoming dirty much more quickly. Ideally, this type of cleaning will need to be performed every few weeks. Some individuals may avoid doing this maintenance during the offseason for boating, but it will still be necessary to maintain the dock whether you are boating or not.

Is It Possible To Mitigate The Risk Of Storm Damage Striking The Dock?

Strong storms can be one of the more common causes of a dock suffering serious structural problems. The intense forces of the water moving against the dock can be a major cause of damage. One of the more effective ways of helping to reduce the risk of your dock being damaged during intense storms is to be sure that it is serviced on a regular basis. These service visits will allow any sections of the dock that have started to weaken to be addressed so that they will be better able to withstand this type of strain.

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