Daycare centers typically serve children of varying ages, and this can make installing a one-size-fits-all playground difficult. Instead of going this route, consider creating a multi-age playground by separating each section of your outdoor area. By creating separate zones for each age group, you can add appropriate playground equipment that the children can enjoy safely. Here are some things you may want to include in this project.

Install Fence Dividers

Chain link fence dividers can serve as the boundary between each part of the playground. They will prevent younger children from wandering toward pieces of equipment that might not be age-appropriate, and they can also help to create a neat, orderly look. Talk to your commercial chain link fence company about installing lower fences with gates that allow teachers to easily access each area while still keeping little ones contained. You can also choose fences with bright colors to add a fun finishing touch.

Fence Padding

To help ensure the safety of all your students as they run and play outdoors, consider installing fence padding. This padding is similar to what you might see in the outfield of a baseball field. It absorbs shock to help prevent injuries, and it also comes in a wide range of colors to create a more kid-friendly environment. Be sure to add padding to the frame of gates on each section of the playground for an additional layer of protection.

Rubber Sidewalks

You'll also need to construct paths leading to each section of your divided playground. Concrete can lead to skinned knees when little ones trip or fall, but rubber sidewalks provide a bit of added cushion to help protect against injuries. This type of sidewalk is also easy for staff to push large strollers down, so infants heading outdoors can be transported all at once. You may also want to consider adding rubber flooring to the infant and toddler sections of the playground for added safety.

Fence-Mounted Sign-In/Out Sheets

It's important to make sure all children are accounted for during outdoor play. As parents come to pick up their children, you'll want to make sure the little ones are signed out for the day. Consider mounting weatherproof clipboards to the gate of each section in your playground. When you bring the children out to play, you can slip the days sign-in/out sheet into the clipboard. Parents can then fill out the time and sign to pick up their children. When you take attendance inside the building after playtime, you can reference the sign-in sheets to make sure everyone is accounted for.

Commercial chain link fencing could be just what your daycare center needs.