Growing plants and flowers is a fun hobby that beautifies your yard at the same time. It doesn't cost much since you can grow flowers from seed, but it could take a lot of work to prepare the ground. Planting in raised beds makes flowers easier to care for and keeps them separate from your lawn, but you can also grow them directly in the ground. Here are some suggestions for making beds for flowers and plants in your yard.

Define The Space With Edging

If you don't build raised beds with lumber, use inexpensive edging to define the borders of the beds. You can buy edging that looks like stones or bricks but that is actually made of plastic and attaches to the ground with spikes. Adding edging keeps your flowers from spreading to the lawn and provides a border that makes it easy to trim weeds without harming the flowers.

Remove All Growth From The Beds

You'll want to strip away all the grass and weeds from the beds so there is nothing left but bare soil. This could be a lot of work, but you don't want weeds to threaten the flowers. Once the growth is gone, till up the soil so it isn't so compact and then remove all the roots and rocks you turned up.

Add Topsoil To The Beds

Adding topsoil is a good way to enrich the soil you already have so your flowers can get off to a healthy start. While you can buy bags of topsoil from a garden center, having it delivered in bulk is a better option when you're going to use a lot of it. Topsoil delivery is much more convenient than lugging home heavy sacks of soil, especially when you need dozens of bags at a time. Plus, it could be more economical to buy topsoil in bulk. Order it by the cubic foot from a company like Hanover Concrete Company and have a place prepared for the truck to dump it. You can then use it at your leisure to build your beds and to fill pots and other containers for growing flowers. Once you've added a few inches of topsoil, till the beds again so the topsoil mixes in with the existing soil.

Consider Raised Beds

While ground-level beds are attractive around trees and against the foundation of your house, you may find it more convenient to buy or build raised beds for growing your flowers. This makes it easier to care for them since you won't have to stoop to ground level to weed them. Raised beds are a good option when you want to avoid the work of tearing out the grass and tilling the soil. Instead, just add topsoil to the raised beds so you can grow plants and flowers anywhere in your yard. The topsoil arrives ready for planting or sowing seeds.