If your old sewer lines have started to cause issues with the plumbing in your home, it is time to do something about them. Therefore, you may be considering options like replacing the main sewer lateral line. Before you have this done, you will want to consider options like sewer jetting. The following information will help you update these lines to stop the problems with blocked sewer lines:

Dealing with Blocked Drain Lines

The drain lines inside your home may be the cause of a lot of the problems with blockages. Sometimes, these lines are where the plumbing system connects to the main lateral sewer line, so conventional methods don't work to clear the blockages. Therefore, you may need to find other solutions to clear the blockages from these lines. Sewer jetting is a great way to deal with these problems. It will clear the blockage, as well as clean buildup from the walls of pipes to prevent them from becoming clogged again.

Clearing the Main Sewer Lateral Line

Another problem that you may have to deal with is the main sewer line. This is an area where you may have old lines that have problems due to decaying materials, roots, or other issues that cause them to become blocked. Jetting is a great way to renew these pipes without replacing them if you have them cleared before the damage becomes too bad. Issues like roots growing in the sewer line can often be cleared with sewer jetting solutions if the damage to the pipe isn't too bad. If you have roots cleaned out of sewer lines, you will also want to make sure to do something about them getting back in the lines and causing problems again. You can dig the roots up and use barrier systems to keep them from growing inside the pipes again.

Clearing Other Drainage Lines with Jetting

Other drainage systems around your home can also become blocked. These systems include foundation and landscaping drainage lines that can become blocked with sediments and debris. Therefore, you may want to have the sewer jetting service clean these lines with their equipment while they are doing other repairs. You can also call the sewer jetting service to clear these drainage system lines when you have problems with foundation drainage systems. You may also want to have these drainage system pipes occasionally jetted when doing maintenance to your home to prevent problems.

These are things that can be done using sewer jetting to renew lines that are causing problems with your plumbing. Contact a sewer jetting service to talk with them about these solutions to renew your sewer lines instead of having them replaced.